An Opinion Based Paragraph

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You could definitely write a pretty a pretty good paragraph on topic kind of an opinion based paragraph giving reasons how friends can be more important than family okay so how we doing okay we’re good for time now I’m going to put you guys to work again now this is the maybe the hard part now that we’ve looked at all of these sentences and decided which ones are weak and which ones are strong now I’d like you guys to take we’ll say five minutes to do as much as you can I would like you to fix the topic sentences that are weak and rewrite them with the top extensions that you think is now strong enough to be used to develop a good paragraph so number or letter a communication is important you have to rewrite that sentence so it’s not too broad.

So ¬†how can you fix it so I’ll give you an example for a I would say communication is important for a marriage to work okay communication is important for a marriage to work now it’s a little bit more specific it’s talking about communication in a marriage between a husband and wife and why that would be important for the marriage to to last and to be successful okay so that’s the freebie I’m giving you the answer for a that means I would like you to do b c e g h and i okay now do as many as you can I’ll give you five minutes I’ll turn the happy music back on and make myself disappear from the screen as you go feel free to throw your new amazing topic sentences into the chat and we’ll put them up here on the on the screen and then I’ll comment on them and we’ll look at them together okay alright guys get to work fix those topic sentences up and I’ll be back member you all right everybody I’m back.

I see some answers in there this is good let’s let’s try to go over some of this stuff time as time is flying by here so letter A I given an answer and it looks like Mohammed added another answer there too cool thanks thanks Muhammad this communication is important for us to prevent from misunderstanding that happened among us I think that’s that’s pretty good it’s definitely an improvement on the first one because it’s more specific I would just change something there now what you’re saying just the grammar is a little bit off and I say communication is important for us to prevent and I think I actually saw somebody mentioned it in the in the chat I would just say to prevent misunderstandings just keep it kind of simple like that communication is important for us to prevent misunderstandings and there you go that’s that’s a great that’s a great topic sentence so thanks Mohammed for that now it looks like be another one from Justin Davis he took the incomplete sentence and fixed it up and he says summer vacation was one of my most wonderful childhood memories nailed it yeah that’s awesome.