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There’s no taboo in terms of on the risk-taking side like there’s no subject I would say whatever subject you choose to be honest it’s how you spin it so it’s how you approach it right now I’m sure I don’t know if this is you know a hot topic in India so I apologize we don’t want to offend anyone but in America a hot topic is transgender so it’s almost probably too common and unless you have something truly you know interesting to say that they haven’t heard so as far as risk-taking there’s no tempest topic as far as cliches um again it’s sort of what I was saying I wouldn’t write about what it you know I’m different because I grew up in India or what it means I wouldn’t address something international or it’s how you write it you know if you’ve had a particular challenge it may be a challenge that 300 people have had the point is why does it make like what’s unique about your particular experience.

So again if you were living in United States I would absolutely say anyone who wants to write about the immigrant experience not to write about it that is the one topic I tell people not to write about otherwise you know look everyone’s going to write about winning the swim meet or the time they you know because it’s it at one of the questions asks you about a challenge or success or failure you know a lot of people right I failed you know the first time I got in front of the audience to sing a song my voice cracked and I felt like a complete failure alright you know these are sort of more cliche type thing but it is one of the questions to me those questions are a little more generic when I work with the student I try to address say the first question and now it can be the seventh question something that is really interesting that doesn’t follow a particular formula so there’s nothing wrong with talking about your greatest challenge or your biggest failure.

Those essays tend to become formulaic I failed but I learned how to do X I grew from the experience you know if you choose that you have to go beyond that if that makes sense so again there’s for the most parts that aren’t wrong topics there are wrong approaches to a topic but I can’t I mean there are three million topics which is why I have to generalize and say you have to be true to who you are and write something that is uniquely you even if you are writing about the time you know you won the math competition or why was that meaningful to you how did it change your life or affect your growth or what did it make you aware of as a person it’s really the spin as we say it’s how you interpret the event about which you’re writing great.