Paper Writing As A Comunication

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When your research report idea appears so does it gain something in terms of accuracy of your method in terms of robustness in terms of ease ability to use in terms of required computational or memory requirements so what is kind of what is the advantage by using the technique that you propose so if if I want to convince you guys or sitting there that you should use my new fancy novel method which may be painful to implement you are asking why should I do that and this why should be justified also by your experiments that you have shown. Learn how to grab reader`s attention onĀ Edusson.

Let’s say that with a new technique you can measure things better within high accuracy or your less sensitive to outliers to de Cassation failures whatever it is you have to show that in experimental evaluation so far we discussed no kind of water things that should be in a paper and what are the things a little bit talking about the why and all the question goes okay how we’re going to do that but now think I have implemented something nice I have the feeling that does this novel at least I’m not aware of any other method which solve it in the same way how to actually write that down the first important thing is something that is often called a sexy start so the important thing is if someone grabs your work and read through that most of the people will stop reading after five to ten sentences in July that’s boring put it aside there’s some other distraction people don’t read that much so the most important thing is that in the beginning you need to create interest for the reader or the reviewer for the guy who evaluates your work or the person in the end reads your paper when it gets accepted and tell the person why it should read that.

So the why is the most important thing and the thing that should come first which actually doesn’t only hold for scientific writing holds for most writing or communication that you do if you want to convince a group that you present something relevant interesting always start with why that’s kind of a thing which is in this way it’s easier to convince the audience that you do something of relevance so whenever you want to explain something first answer the why question before you say if something like what or how you do that why comes first and also especially in the very beginning of your work don’t really summarize but you’re done try to sell that that do advertising so because the thing you want to achieve that the person is oh that’s in really really interesting work and I’m going to read that now and even if I’m distracted I may come back to that because it sounds so interesting but the bad thing which can happen to you and we’re all a majority of papers fails in that.